Apple River Canyon - State Park

A group in which I’m in Christian fellowship is planning a camping trip to Apple River Canyon - State Park in late October. I’m not yet sure that I can go, but I was wondering if anyone in the Illinois area can enlighten me to the paddling opportunities or any other information on this park and river. The DNR website states nothing about paddling the river and little about the park and campsites. No one in the group has been there before.



Apple River Canyon…
Greetings, Paddler…!!!

Apple River Canyon is a small but scenic park; it’s only about 300 acres, has 5 miles of trails and is hilly. I don’t believe you can access the river from the park, but you can paddle the river north of there down from Wisconsin.

Mike Svob has a good book: Paddling Illinois. Check the book for detailed mileage and info. The park stocks trout in the river several time a year. No showers at the park if you’re looking for a quick clean up. Nice country around the park: hills, hardwoods, bluffs. The historic town of Galena is nearby. Enjoy the river and have a great weekend…!

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Why don’t you skip the trouble of checking out this place and just come to Raystown like you want to do.


If you’re this obnoxious online . . . .
I can’t imagine how bad you’d be in person. I have a feeling there’d be a few less returning from the trip if I went . . . .


Thank you very much for the info.
I was told it was a primitive campground, so I was aware of the lack of showers & electricity. I was asked to brink my kayaks but didn’t see anything about paddling the river on the dnr website. Is the river above the park navigable that time of year?

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You claim to be a Christian, then you imply that if the guy showed up on one of your trips you'd probably kill him?

I appreciate and have the highest respect for the Christians who let their actions speak for them. I don't appreciate the "Christian", and I put that word in quotation marks for a reason, who appears to believe that his Christianity entitles him to some sort of special treatment even when he is acting poorly.

If you are offended that I don't respect so-called "Christians" who threaten others with violence, then I'm glad you are offended.

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Apple River

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Back on topic ...

The Apple River at the park is a very small stream that is impounded just downstream at a Boy Scout camp. (I grew up running around both. Canoeing possibilities are pretty minimal there. But (!) all is not lost. The Prairie State Canoeists just posted a run on the Galena River on Youtube. Here's the link:

They started just over the WI border on County W and ran 10+ miles to N. Council Hill Rd. That's just west of Apple River Canyon SP. You could easily basecamp at the park. The scenery around there is awesome as well, so allow a bit of time for that, too.

Happy Paddling!


Galena is awesome. . . .
When I was a small child, my family traveled every summer from Chicago to Central Iowa, and we took, I think, Hwy 20 right through Galena. I love that it’s named “The Great River Road”. We stopped every year at the Grant home, picnicked on the hill-side stops and pulled over often to watch the hang gliders taking off.

Fond memories . . . .

Another link to the Galena/Fever River
In Wisconsin it’s called the Fever River.

The Apple River has major access issues inside and downstream from the park, I wouldn’t recommend paddling it.

If the Galena doesn’t have enough water in it in Wisconsin, you can put in at Buckhill Road in Illinois, this section always has enough water in it, and it will take you right through Galena. You can contact Fever River Outfitters for rental and a shuttle. Check the gauge at It has to have at least 3.4’ in it or you will be dragging on the upper section.

Hello my Christian Brother. I’m PA
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Paddling is an awesome sport and Pnet makes it that much better. This website has saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary gear and equipment and has, most likely, saved my life a time or two.

God bless you!

Thank you very much for the info.
Looks like its down to 3.03 right now. Apparently not good.

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But I think it’s cost me a bit too. But that’s ok, I’ve enjoyed what I bought!