Appleby 17C Aluminum Canoes Info needed

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I went to go look at a friend of a friend's 1974 Model 17C Appleby aluminum canoe. It was in surprisingly good shape for being 36 years old. very few scratches and even the vinyl covered wooden seats even looked in good shape. it has about a 1" keel. I would need to add portaging yolk and pads.

My question is does anyone have more information about Appleby canoes? I'm specifically looking for a weight and if anyone has any experience going to BWCA with one.

Google search did not turn up a lot about specifics other than the some history of the company and that they were located in Lebanon, MO.


If it’s like most 17 ft aluminum canoes it probably weighs between 60 - 75 lbs. A lot of people use them in the BWCA. See them all the time.

Probably related to Osagian
I’ve never heard of Appleby Aluminum Canoes. But you mentioned Lebanon, Missouri. I’ve got a feeling that Appleby is atleast related to Osagian Canoes which are also in Lebanon. It’s probably the same company, that was bought out or if not bought out in whole, the equipment was. I know for a fact that Osagian existed under that name prior to 1978.

If it’s a 17 footer, it’s most likely between 75 and 80 pounds. That’s pretty standard for most 0.050 hulls. Some companies build thinner lighter hulls they can be around 60 pounds, but most are 0.050 thick, and that pretty much standardizes the weight.

If I find more as I dig through the canoe archives I’ll post back.

Thanks for the replies.

I know I’m late to this party, but I just came across this thread. I have a 1974 Abbleby 17’ canoe. It weighs 76 pounds.
Hope this helped a little . . .

I own an Appleby. Purchased it used in the mid 1980’s. I found this post while trying to find info on the weight. I used it in BWCA. I would guess the weight at 80-90#. I had some information I found years ago that indicated Appleby was bought out/transformed into Lowe. If anyone knows more I’d like to hear it.