Appleby canoe

I have had a 17’ Appleby for over 35 years and have canoed fast and slow streams and lakes in 11 states. This Appleby has held up under extreme conditions in floods and droughts. It was made in Lebanon, MO and has a total 780 lb capacity. It has outlasted several other canoes of various materials.

Ray Jay Johnson
Hey Rob, speaking as another Rob, I feel the pain you online name suggests. Hang tough brother.:slight_smile:

Dad’s name was John, and I got called John a lot too! :slight_smile:

Hey the canoe sounds great. She must be pretty sleek to be rated at 780 lbs for a 17 footer. Are you looking for fellow owners or someone who knows something about the company?

Keep on paddling Rob!

That’s great! My Ruby Tuesday
crapped out ten years ago.