Applying a keel strip

I am new to kayaking buying a thermoplastic Eddyline Equinox for local lakes and rivers here in Texas. For the most part, my water access points are concrete boat ramps. I don’t drag the boat, I don’t “beach” the boat but despite being careful with the boat, I’m getting very small dings in the keel. I’d like to to apply a keel strip for the protection. So, suggestions, recommendations, and technique for thermoplastic applications, brands of tape, width, lessons learned would be appreciated.

YouTube has videos and tip for above product. River Connection sells it.

Second the vote for Keeleazy. I got mine on ebay from river connection

Thanks. Any gotcha’s the video’s missed?

I also use KE. The only gotcha is if you run it too far up a sharp bow. It does not like to stick on steep angles but you probably don’t need it that far up.