Approach 10.0 Skeg Question


New to Kyaking & new to this forum. It looks like I’ve just bought a Dagger Approach 10 of E-Bay. All the reviews etc indicated that this was a good all round beginers Kayak partly due to its drop down skeg.

I’ve now discovered from the seller that his Dagger Approach is not fitted with the skeg.

Before I question the sale could anyone tell me if the Approach has ever been produced without one.

Many Thanks

10.0 skeg question
I thought this was going to be the perfect skeg-vs-rudder question,

10 out of 10

approach without a skeg???
The Dagger Approach 10.0 should definitely have a skeg. The seller may have lost or broken it, but it is easy to replace/ repair. If you got a good deal on the boat I wouldn’t sweat it to much as the skeg parts can be obtained from a Dagger kayak dealer. Keep in mind that these are replacement parts and will most likely have to be special ordered.

yep (NM)