appropriate sell price?

i have this kayak.

been stored correctly, used for one season, and only normal scratching on bottom, nothing excessive.

I paid $1095 and am wondering what is an appropriate price to sell for…

ah Senor ?
where is this kayak ? Dryden ? Kearny ? Missoula Falls ? Stratford on Avon ?

gulf coast

browse the classifieds here
to get a general sense of what people are asking. Note that some of those boats have been listed for some time. IMO it’s sort of a buyers’ market now.

But you also have to ask yourself how badly you want to sell it, and lower (or increase) the asking price accordingly.

If I had to take a stab I’d start between $500 and $750.

If it is only a year old and…
is in good shape, ask $800.

Any higher and the buyer would probably want a new boat

jack l

in general
In general, used boats go for 1/3rd to 2/3 of new price. The newer and better shape it is, the closer to the top of the range.

The market if flooded with new and
used boats. If you need the money, I would jump on anything over $300.

we have your location

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covered. I'm on Fort Myers Beach !

$500 ! residents here are cheap AND this is summer so forgetabboutit. Who are you selling to ? the Ghosts of Christmas Pass ?

I'm carrying heat and a stick to keep starving urchins out of my truck. You want big money for a kayak ?

I wuz in Naples at Wal. NAPLES !

Had to fight my way out of the store.

You'd be better off in Pascagoula.

Find a coupla drunken Irish students in Gainesville.

I agree
It looks like a nice model. If someone can save $300 compared to new they’ll be happy. Advertize it for $800 on Craigslist and accept $750. To get top dollar wash it well and polish it with 303.

The market
The market is the key. For a barely used boat like that I’d probably ask $800 and take as low as $600, unless I really needed the money and was willing to hold out for the extra $200. Just make sure it’s clean. An hour of cleaning, if it needs it, can add a couple hundred to the value. If it’s been garage kept, then that isn’t an issue outside a good dusting.

Bottom line, put it on the market for what you think it’s worth, consider how important it is to get rid of it to you, and the market will tell you whether or not it’s a good price.

Ask $650.

nice boat
Just curious. Why are you considering selling?