apps for new phone

Just switched from a Droid to an iPhone, i am not the most tech savvy person by any means and had 3 questions:

  1. I can not figure out how to access message board on my phone or anything else under community and I only get to the pic of the week page (which is the same pic from weeks ago but not on my lap top)
  2. anyone know any good trail tracking apps? I had MyTrails on my droid and liked that a lot but can not find many for iPhone
  3. is there any way I can get trails I’ve made in google earth on my lap top to google earth on my iphone?

Answer to #1: Bookmark this link:

AppCrawler listed a number of trail tracking apps, but I’ve no idea if any meet your needs. Maybe worth a look:

Edited to add the following (dated) info:

Yeah, for some reason, the mobile version of the website is different and does require different tactics. I usually have to sign in twice to access the forums when I’m using a tablet, or phone. Bookmarking the message boards is cheating, but whatever works. Even better would be for someone to fix it.