April 8, 2024 - Total eclipse

Mark your calendars now. Looks as though the Buffalo River may be a good place for viewing that day.

The last time I watched it, I couldn’t see for three days.

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There are usually public service warnings for days if not weeks on how to safely view an eclipse.

Viewing an eclipse with the naked eye or even most sunglasses can lead to eye damage.

I watch it on the news.

The path of best viewing for the annular solar eclipse in October this year will go right over our home. We’ll be picking the choicest viewing spots and planning to spend a few hours there.

All that assumes Mother Nature won’t throw a monkey wrench in the works. Namely, adverse weather. But at least we can retreat to the house fairly quickly. We know people who travel long distances and reserve lodging for such events.

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100% totality on my deck here in upstate NY. Will have both telescopes with their solar filters set up for it. Still have a box of viewing glasses from the last one we drove down to Nashville for. Just hoping for no clouds.


Remind me a little closer to the date. I have no attention span
Peace J

While it will be total at my home, time in total eclipse will be short lived there. It will be center line max at my brother’s camp 50 miles away on the shore of Lake Ontario near Watertown NY. Or the same at my daughter’s place in Plattsburgh. Will watch weather closely and be prepared to travel a couple hundred miles if necessary. Not a lot of hope for the northeast clear sky on that date. I was lucky enough to have traveled to MO to stay at an old buddy’s home for full long max totality over his house in 2017.

not amazon!!

I have solar filters to fit the objective end of my telescopes from reliable optics manufacturers and filter glasses as well for observing the partial phases. During totality I remove the telescope filters and observe the eclipse directly through the telescope, as it is completely safe to do so only during that time. During the 2017 eclipse I had an app running with my exact location coordinates entered that gave me an audible warning of when to begin and then when to no longer view through the unfiltered telescope.