Aqua-Adventures, San Diego

been down to see family and vaca in SD for the week and arranged with Jennifer Kleck to provide me with some BCU instruction.

i had such a good experience with her shop and her coaching that i thought i should mention it here.

she is a fantastic coach, very skilled, easy going, friendly and open minded. totally non dogmatic. her center has a full array of excellent boats and paddles to demo and use during instruction if you can’t bring your own. and she has a great shop as well, maybe the best i’ve been in. tremendous selection of saftey and rescue gear. instruction costs were very reasonable and most the time it was one on one. good value.

anyhow, my hat’s off in respect and gratitude to Jen and her staff for an excellent training experience. highly recommended.

2nd that
I had several sessions with Jen at Tybee last year, and agree that she is an excellent coach. If I’m ever in the San Diego area, I would definitely look up Aqua Adventures. In fact, looks like they run some terrific trips in that area and in Baja and elsewhere that might make it worthwhile to schedule a trip to the area.

I second you!
Flew out to S.D. in September for a meeting. I arranged a 15 person group paddle…most of the folks were very new to paddling. I recall Jennifer’s hospitality and the ‘guides’ who lead the group were great…


I triple that.
I live 200 miles away from AA, yet I buy almost all of my gear from Jen and she mails it to me.

Several weeks ago, I wanted to purchase a new boat and demo two to help me make my final decision.

A friend and I drove the 200 miles to AA, and Jen allowed me to take her demo boats out into some of the roughest conditions that I’ve ever paddled.

Although I could have ordered my new boat direct from the factory for the same price, I chose to order it through Jen.

It’s not often that we find an outfitter who is in it for the love of the sport and not for the money. Jen has told me in the past not to buy something, because she didn’t think I needed it or that it would last.

Her coaching skills are also phenominal.She is one of the two best coaches I’ve ever met.

I recommend both Aqua Adventures and Jen Kleck without any reservations!!

Jen is fantastic.
I’ve gone on some my best trips with her and she is a very patient and excellent teacher. Aqua-Adventures is the best place in San Diego to learn basic skills and offers some great trips. Some of you may know Greg Knight sold out his share of the business with her and she has hired a lot of new staff. Jeff Laxier who worked with Jen and Greg has started his own business guiding and teaching called Liquid Fusions or something like that. I’ve gone on several trips with Jeff and he is also a fantastic teacher. If folks are coming to San Diego I would encourage them to check out the AA website and check out Jeff’s website:

i’m glad this isn’t new to anyone
she deserves the fan base!

Jen and Jeff are really great folks
can’t go wrong with either one.

Jennifer has my vote too!
I was fortunate enough to have Jen as my rolling instructor at the BCU Symposium at Bodega Bay last October. It was a great experience. Because of her excellent instruction I got my first roll done!

Awesome folks
I have been to Aqua Adventures numerous times, esp back in 2003 when I lived in San Diego for a mere 4 months. Love their store, not only for the great boat and gear selection, but for its location on Mission Bay near the channel going out to open water.

Took several hours of lessons from Jeff too, and he was very patient, knowledgeable, and had a great twisted sense of humor like mine.

I would give 3 thumbs up, but lack that third one!