Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Paddle

I think I am getting ready to purchase The Sting Ray Fiberglass Paddle. Anybody have any or heard anything pro or con. Your thoughts Please?

Since no replys yet …
These are pretty new paddles. I think they came out last fall. I have only seen them at a dealer, never used one. I have three Aquabound paddles, one fiberglass white blade and one carbon black blade Expedition AMT and one carbon black blade Tripper AMT. These are good paddles for the money. I had one carbon 4 piece break (at the blade connection), which Aquadbound replaced under warranty. I have also heard that the carbon paddles made with right/left hand control (3 holes) were a bit problematic, so the newer ones (2004 and newer) are just right hand control/unfeathered (2 holes). The Stingray is one blade design in the family of new ‘ray’ paddles. I looked at some of these last Saturday. The blade looks similar to the Expedition AMT, but the shaft is nicer. It is more oval in shape where the hands go (indexed) than the paddles I have. The white and/or black blades on Aquabound paddles are extremely durable. They take a lot of abuse and do not chip like some fiberglass or carbon blades will. I also saw one of the new all carbon models (carbon shaft and carbon fabric blade). These don’t seem to be on their website yet. It is light as a feather and seems well balanced, but I have no idea about its durability.


AquaBound Paddle
Not sure that this helps, but I just went from the Expedition AMT to the Manta Ray carbon, and I’ve had it out twice.

The only bad thing I noticed is the ferrel seems to have a bit more play then my AMT.

The shaft oval is a bit more extreme then the AMT, which I like feel of, it hits my hands a little different and I picked up a couple of small blisters, but I’ll get over it…

Hand Irritation…
Whenever I use an Aquabound composite black shaft my hands get bright red and very sensitive. Don’t know if it is the material or the texture as it is the only paddle shaft that I’ve had a problem with. I’m thinking it might be a reaction to the resin as I have built several boats. It has been suggested that I coat it or wear gloves but it’s just easier to use a different paddle.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.

New Names
Sting Ray seems to be the same as the old Seaclude or Seaquill, I forget which.

I have the aluminum shaft version. It was my first paddle, now I use it only when I expect lots of rocks or other hazzards.

It is a good paddle. Nice bite in the water, no flutter. But it is HEAVY.

I have heard
that the way to handle a floppy ferrule is to smear a thin film of super glue onto it, then sand it till it fits snug.

Just make sure the glue is dry before you put it back together.

I hate a loose ferrule.

Why do you guys settle for this shaft?
REAL fiberglass or carbon paddles do NOT “chip”