Aqua Seal vs Seal Cement

They are both made by Mcnett but what’s the differnce? I’ve used Aqua Seal for neoprene repair and it holds well. Is Seal Cement a thined down version of Aqua Seal? What’s the best way to keep it so it won’t dry out before I need it again?

I can never find it locally so have to order it from NRS.

seal cement for neoprene
I think Seal Cement is best for neoprene repairs. It’s black and more rubbery than Aquaseal. I use aquaseal for everything but neoprene, and Seal Cement for neoprene.

Aqua Seal is good for repairing small holes in neoprene spray skirts and the like but I would use Seal Cement to glue or reglue seams in neoprene.

Seal Cement does dry out but it doesn’t seem to do so as quickly as Aqua Seal. It is also less viscous, or at least it used to be. I haven’t used it for a while and read that it has been reformulated

Mcnett products
My brother ran into the Mcnett sales rep once and said that it’s hard to find Aquaseal. He told him that wader repair sold at bait and tackle shops is Aquaseal in a different tube. I don’t know about seam seal, Maybe the same stuff too?

The rep also told him that once you open the tube and use some, put it in the freezer and it will last forever. Just re-heat it and it soft again.

for the information. I ordered it from NRS since they offer free shipping, it’s better than driving around looking for it locally. As I said it’s hard to find. My local kayak store should have it but was out of stock when I checked last weekend.

Mcnett’s website gave very little information and didn’t list Seal Cement as one of their products. The can I ordered said clear in the photo so they must make it in black also.

you meant Seam Grip
and yes, it is the same stuff as Aquaseal. Don’t know about seal cement.

Yes, put Aquaseal in freezer after you’ve opened it (i.e. below freezing temps) and it will last longer. Not forever. Can be 5 months, can be 7, but it will clog the nozzle eventually, even in freezer, and then you can puncture it through the side and use it within a few days at it will dry out inside very fast.

Mcnett products
I was trying to compare adhesives available from NRS since I found nothing at my local kayak shop. They sell all 3 Mcnett products mentioned but Aqua Seal is the only one I’ve used before. Great stuff for filling small holes in Neoprene. From the description Seam Grip didn’t sound like what was needed for this repair job. Seal Cement is the best value so that’s what I ordered.

similar, but not the same
Seam Grip and Aqua Seal are very similar, but they are not the same. Aqua Seal is somewhat more viscous and takes longer to cure, in my experience.

If you have a somewhat sizable hole in a neoprene skirt, Aqua Seal can be “globbed on” to cover the hole somewhat more easily than can Seam Grip.

Aquaseal = Seam Grip

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in chemical composition and has same adhesion to same materials. But Aquaseal is denser, doesn't flow as easy as Seam Grip, you're right. I find Seam Grip easier to use exactly for this reason - better flows, better fills everything. Larger holes need multi-step repair anyway - scotch tape on one side, fill the hole, after few hours remove the scotch and apply glue from the other side, or on the first side to build the thickness. And/or use a patch.

freezing Aquaseal
I’ve had it in the freezer for over a year. I put it in a bowl of hot water, push a nail into the opening and it works fine and back in the freezer. I have used tubes many times for over a year this way.

Just finished patching two neoprene
cockpit covers with it, and it says right on the tube to store it in the freezer.

Jack L