Aquabound all-carbon Eagle Ray paddle

Does anyone have any experience with this paddle? If so how durable is it?..I.E. using as a brace for getting in & out of your boat, pushing off from shore. It seems too good to be true with how light it is. Tom C.

Nice Paddle - Recommend
I have the EMS Branded one. It is lightweight and a nice paddle. I have had no problems with mine.

RE: Bracing and In/Out boat, I am not super careful with it, but I don’t beat on it either.

My normal “all around” paddle is the ABX blade version, which I have no problem beating on. The carbon blade I use if I am out on a all day paddle (9+ miles) or in the ocean where fatigue is more of an issue.

I think the AB Eagle Ray carbon is great paddle for the money.


Carbon fiber…
Is the most fragile paddle. Some will tell you they can shop wood and dig irrigation canals with theirs.

Others including myself only paddle with them, no entry braces or rescue practice.

After you break one you will learn it’s limits… I did…

AMT Expedition
I all ready have an AMT Expedition paddle that I feel is “Bomb-Proof”. I just wonder if the carbon blade and shaft will be as strong.

Aquabound Sting Ray…
I actually have the Sting Ray in the carbon laminate and I love it. I can attest that mine has seen a decent amount of abuse. I definitely don’t “baby” it. I’ve used it to brace on concrete docks, banged it pretty hard on rocks, etc. So far I’ve only had a few scratches but no breaks.

Also, I’ve dealt with Aquabound on a few occasions concerning their paddles and I can say they have been great from a customer service stand point.