Aquabound Eagle Ray Carbon Paddle

is this a good deal? I want to pick up a new paddle.

here are good deals from pnet classified


(SC) fox worx doublebend k paddle 210 cm used twice $150 spray skirt for qcc 700 new $50 – Submitted by: paddler98



(VA) Lendal 2 piece, one button feathered only, 87 1/2" kayak paddle, great condition but does have a few bites on blades. $120 obo. – Submitted by: rachelg

aquabound carbon
I haven’t tried that particular aquabound carbon paddle, but I owned an earlier version of a similar paddle (aquabound carbon expedition ) and I liked it a lot. It was flutter-free, and very light for the weight. Rutabega has another aquabound carbon paddle on sale for a good price:

Have you tried this paddle? Preferences for paddles vary so much, I’d be wary of buying a paddle without trying it out first. But for carbon paddles, the aquabounds are great deals and well designed, and that’s a good price on that model.

Sort of…
It’s a slight discount. I’ve bought one identical off the shelf at a local paddling shop for $179.

the paddle Tiva posted at Rutabaga
is a carbon/poly blend, note the dbx on the blade. I used this paddle for the first time on Lake Murray…its a good paddle and my first real taste of a Euro blade. My only complaint was the noise it generated, compared to a GP.

I think the dbx is probably a good thing, thinking the minimal weight it adds probably adds a lot of durability.

Can’t Go Wrong with AB Paddles
Both of my paddles are AquaBound and I would buy them again. I have the CF shaft, White ABX Manta-Ray version and the the All Carbon Version Eagle Ray.

The deal at Rutabaga is a decent on, but you may be able to find the all-carbon version slightly used on-sale for the same $$ as the ABX version.

I think AB paddles are $ for performance/weight some of the best paddles out there.


I received an Aqua-Bound paddle for Christmas … looking forward to putting it in the water … it was a gift that was purchased online at REI … and there was a discount coupon involved … my daughter said it $30.00 discount come up as she was ordering … check it out.


more on AB
this has been posted in the past but is worth repeating, in the paddle manuf. realm AB has the best customer support. They’ve gone way out of there way to help many including myself, combine that with an excellent product=winner.

Aqua-Bound/Bending Branches Cust.Support
Amen to that! DH’s Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray paddle had a ferrule issue, and so I found the Aqua-Bound/Bending Branches website and sent an e-mail asking what we might try to deal with the “stickiness” issue. What a surprise to find out that one option was to send the paddle to them, and they fixed it! It’s truly as good as new.

I was so impressed with the customer service (Sonya, who I dealt with, is truly terrific! :slight_smile: that I thought I might as well see about getting a new Aqua-Bound for myself, which I figured they could simply include in the return package with the Eagle Ray. Thanks to’s info, I chose the Spindrift. It’s beyond beautiful! Truly the Crown Jewel of our fairly extensive paddle collection. I had pretty much already decided on a Werner for my next high-end paddle, but the customer service experience sold me on getting another Aqua-Bound. What a surprisingly pleasant time I had dealing with Bending Branches Customer Support. Kudos to the company for backing their products like this! :slight_smile: