AquaBound Edge C paddle

Has anyone had any experience with this paddle or this company? I’ve been looking for a good, low price spoon blade and this looks promising. Thanks.

good stuff
I’ve always had good results when using Aqua Bound paddles. They are a great value and are well built. Service from them is pretty much the best in the business. You can get lighter paddles but they will cost you a lot more. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Aqua Bound.


We have two aquabound paddles and
we find these are great paddles. Myself and my wife both have carbon fibre aquabound paddles and found them to be very adequate. That being said we only use these paddles for spare now because we both have moved on to crank shafts and as far as I know aquabound does not make cranks. I paddle with a Lendal kinetik touring now and my wife paddles with a werner kalliste crank. Aquabound makes a fine paddle in my humble opinion

much better of late…
Aquabound used to be known for cheap paddles which had a bad habit of breaking, but lately they have come out with some very nice paddles at a great price point and have really stood behind their product. They basically offer a lifetime guarantee on their paddles now and are great to work with. I’ve gone from not liking any of their stuff to having three paddles (2 carbon, 1 regular) and proudly wearing a hat with their logo on it. I like that I can bang the hell out of their injected carbon paddles without fear of damaging them while my carbon Werner requires a bit more care.

My wife…

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My wife inherited an Aquabound kayak paddle from me to use with her(inherited from me) kayak; after my "very brief" fling with the "darkside". I believe it was a Sting Ray recreational paddle; not positive on the model. Anyway, between the two of us, it was used for a couple of years without any problem whatsoever. Any paddle that my wife uses for any length of time is subject to some extreme conditions; you'll have to trust me on that.
As far as I know it is still going strong with
it's 3rd owner........who also bought the kayak.

Canoes forever,

P.S. A good friend got an Aquabound paddle in a boat trade & it has definitely taken some abuse on whitewater. He's still using it. His high dollar Werner(new in August) recently got snapped off at the throat on a brace attempt.

I’ve got the Aquabound Edge Carbon. It’s tough, relatively light, and very reasonably priced. I wish it had a more robust grip like the Werner Bandit, but for the savings I can’t argue. The only other downside is that I keep loosing these in the river!

I picked up my Aquabound Edge
in a canoe purchase deal. I have used it quite a lot. With its plastic blade it is pretty much my rock banger, I use it when the river is low and I don’t want to damage my wood paddles. My brother tried it out and bought one too. I am a wood paddle kind of guy but the Edge is usually in the boat as a spare. It is bullet proof.

Thanks for the input…
I ordered one from, $73.99 plus $15 shipping(half the cost of the other cheapest spoon blade). Sounds like I’m not going to be disappointed! Is it Christmas again already?!