Aquabound Expedition

Has anyone here ever removed blades from a fiberglass shaft?

I have a 240cm paddle and what to shorten it to 220cm.

But I have had one of my shafts cut by a good friend of mine (who is very handy and meticulous with a sawzall and a drill)! So it can be done! I’m just not 100% sure about doing it by removing the blades. Good luck!!

I sent one back
I sent one back to Aquabound and didn’t cost too much to have it shortened.

repaired one
Depends on how the blade is attached, if it’s an adhesive that can be softened with heat you might be able to do it. I had a Current Designs blade that moved in the shaft when I had to really torque the shafts apart so I just kept twisting it off and epoxied it in. If the blade is glassed on then no, I wouldn’t do it.

Well I did it…
I needed 10 cm off each end so I cut at 9cm from the blade.

What do you know, the blade spout is 9cm long.

All I had to do then is slot the shaft pieces that remained on the blade, pry them off and clean off the old epoxy.

Square up the shaft ends and epoxy them back in.

Thanks everyone…


Thats how you do it Dan : )

The only problem I have now… I have a 130cm that would like to be 220cm.

That would be 5cm a side, and the blade spout is 9cm.

I guess another method is in order… maybe 10cm from one end…

Guess I’ll think about that one.

Maybe I should make the second on a 210cm for my 11 yr old daughter…