AquaBound Mariner versus Werner Camano

Looking to get one of these two paddles in the very near future. I have test paddled a Camano and it seems like a decent paddle. My current paddle is a AB Manta Ray (Carbon Shaft) ABX paddle. I like it, but am looking for a lighter, more full low angle blade to go with my Manta Ray which is a high angle blade

Anyone paddle both of these and mind commenting?

The AB Mariner is all carbon, where as the Camano is carbon shaft, glass blades. Right now I can get each for roughlythe same $.



Not sure on Mariner but…
I have one of AB’s carbon laminate Sting Rays and I love it. I’m not even sure if they’ve put the laminate Sting Ray on the website yet but it’s basicly the same layup as the Mariner.

I would have to say I prefer AB paddles just because of my experience with them in replacing blades and cutting down shafts. Their customer service has been great for me.


Something else to think about is instead of buying a new paddle all together is to send your current paddle to them and have them replace the blades with a lighter blade.


Aqua Bound
I’ve been a fan of Aqua Bound for many years. I’ve sold them from my own shop, I’ve paddled with them myself for years and I know they stand by them.

that being said, Werner is also a good company. I’d still get the Aqua Bound though.

Cheers…Joe O’

Using the Camano
Bent shaft, glass - like it alot. My girlfriend though recently purchased a Bent Shaft Carbon Kallista by Werner. That’s one sweet paddle. Since you’re looking for a quality paddle, do yourself a favor and at least check it out. It’s very lightweight, and really a thing of beauty.


Research ONNO
You can’t get a much better paddle and the price is right.

I’ve used the AB Mariner paddle for awhile. I also got their Tsunami to see how I liked a higher angle paddle. It was fine, but I have recently switched back to the Mariner. I have absolutely no complaints about it. I say go with that one.


Thanks All - Got The AB Mariner
All carbon about 29 oz for a 230 cm. Couldn’t justify getting a Carbon Camano for $100 more. Considered an ONNO, but never seen one and so there was a little unknown there.

I have been happy with my other AquaBound paddle, so I hope that this is as good or better.