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I have left my carbon shafted paddle together for a while. When I tried to take it apart today I relized it is seized together. I put it in a clamp to hold it while I tried to twist the blade but it did’nt help. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how do you solve it?

Dilute Soapy water
Put some dilute soapy water in the push button and the connection seam. Let it wick in and keep adding more and allowing to wick in. After a few minutes, try slowly twisting the shaft back-in-forth (small oscillations) until the shaft unbinds. Once the ends are free, wipe off the residual dirt and crude in the ferrule joint.


do an archives search…
…this has happened to a lot of paddles & I know there have been several threads about it.

I’ve heard a lot of remedies but nothing worked with mine until the shaft cracked on its own…problem solved without provocation.

Beware of vice-grips etc…they can be the deathknell of your paddle. Just go slow & easy.

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