Aquabound sends new paddle

Mailed off my Aquabound paddle with a cracked shaft to Aquabound about 2 weeks ago, received my brand new replacement paddle today. The old paddle would have been two years old the end of March. I’m very pleased with the company. The paddle came just in time to use with my Sandpiper on a river trip this weekend.

good values

how did the Sandpiper do with the double blade?

Its fast.
A buddy and I went fishing on Lake Conroe North of Houston. Its a good size lake, laid out North to South. wind was out of the Southeast. The Sandpiper did well into a 15 mph wind with gusts over 20. Going back to the launch, the Piper appeared to be faster than his Prowler 13. He’s about 7 years younger (I’m 57) and runs every day. I’m more than a bit overweight. I’m happy.

Also found a kayak paddle on my home lake. I’ve advertised several places about finding it, no responses. The paddle is a fiberglass Aquabound Expedition AT…about a 250, I think. Heavy compared to my carbon shaft 220. But, the thing really digs in and moves the Piper along.

I’ve had the canoe out almost everyday for the past two weeks. Love paddling it.

I had the same experience

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with the Vagabond solo. Was fishing with a group of friends with kayaks ranging from T140 to T160's and that little solo canoe beat the 140 and 160! I was really surprised how fast and how fun it was to paddle. Really no different than a kayak with more room for gear and to move around in. As for wind, the low shearlines don't really catch the wind as much as the bigger tandem canoes. Did OK in those 15-20 mile winds but the fishing wasn't too good. Glad you are enjoying your new toy!

Different length paddles: Started with 220 then 230 now prefer the 240 so maybe the 250 might be the ticket for quick steering corrections? Presently switched to single blade mostly and use the kayak paddle in strong headwinds. My single blade is a joy to use as it only weighs 8.5 oz! ZRE carbon bentshaft.

I looked at the ZRE’s. A bit rich for
my blood right now. Nice paddles, though. Even the rec models are nice at 14oz. Never realized how much the weight of my kayaks was an issue. With the Sandpiper, I find I’m going out most every day just for a paddle. Its so easy to get on and off my truck rack…the rack is over 6.5 ft high, I’m 5’9". Can already tell a difference in my paddling stamina. Now, I need calm weather to work on form, not easy in 15-20 mph wind.

You should try using a rod to catch fish
Paddles are not designed to take that sort of strain.

Camp paddles
My first canoe paddle was the camp paddle and it’s less 79.00, light at 14 oz great with palm grip. I was intent on only using my kayak paddle being a kayaker and all. But with time I got to appreciate the canoe paddle after I figured out how to use it. Now I almost always choose the bent shaft over the kayak paddle. It’s alot quieter for sneaking up on fish too. This one worked great with the Vagabond probably works great with the Sandpiper too.

The knife edges do well when clubbing
the fish.