Aquafusion Kayaks???

I’m looking at buying a first Kayak and haven’t been about to find any user opinions on Aquafusion’s offerings. They offer 3 models on both standards & GT versions (skeg/hatch/bulkhead). Their base model retails for $399! I’d love to know if they are worth the money for a beginner looking to kayak on lakes and streams…


Try lots of boats

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on the other hand the quest looks like it might be a fine boat for a beginner who does not absolutely know that they want to be a sea (or serious whitewater) kayaker. On the other hand I've never seen or paddled one. Unless you need it, (usually for stability) avoid buying a 27 inch wide single kayak. Not as much learning potential as a narrower (23 to 24 inches or so) one. Whatever you need, you need, and any time on the water is better than time at the desk. I am leaving mine for the day.

any suggestions…
Ok, so which kayaks are 23-24" wide, instead of the 27+" that I seem to find everywhere???

The quest is a top of their line boat

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is about 24 inches wide if I remember correctly. Paddle whatever you can, when it's time to buy, go used if needed.

Not everybody would feel comfy in a 23-25 inch kayak but if the river is not too tight and you do, go for it.

Manufacturers want to sell you a big fat boat. You'll need another boat soon if you go on, (more $ for manufacturers), and want higher performance, and everybody can get into a fat boat.

bottom line, get an inexpensive boat and a pfd and a paddle and paddle. Get a paddling book or two. Get good local instruction if available,and videos and instruction at a destination (e.g. alder creek not club med) if it's not available locally and you want to progress.

Get floatation front and rear, either a float bag (check it fron time to time) or bulkheads and hatches, front and rear, are a necessity if you want to be safe.