I am looking for comparisons on the similarities and differences on these three boats.Thanks

I have both.The Capella was my first boat,and I thought it would be my only boat until I demoed the T170.The T170 is a great boat.I’m 6’-210#.I demoed the T180 6 weeks ago,and I pick up my new T180 today.The T170 & 180 are kevlar and handle wonderfully,but cost alot more than my Capella RM,so naturally the handle differently.I think you would be happy in either one. Make sure you test drive them first.


Capella / Tempest
I demoed both. I bought the Tempest because I found it more comfortable. I preferred the handling of the Tempest 165 over the 170.

I owned a Capella, and now have a Tempest 170. Both are great boats. I find the Tempest 170 to be far more comfortable, and definitely has better initial stability. My paddling skills cannot yet attest to it, but I am told that the secondary stability on the Tempest 170 is excellent as well.

Demo both boats…and let us know about the Aquanaut.



I am (eagerly!) awaiting delivery on an Aquanaut. I don’t know about the Capella and Tempest as comparison but I tried the Explorer, Romany, and Avocet. Went with the Aquanaut over the others as I think I might do camping and wanted to be sure I had the storage room. As far as handling, the Aquanaut is most similar to the Explorer (nearly same dimensions) but is a bit more maneuverable.

reason for both 170 and 180
Why did you decide to get the 180? Was it for more volume for packing gear or was it for more volume for your comfort? Will you be keeping the 170 or was this a trade in?



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How similar were the Avocet & Aquanaut? Did they feel similar, or were they totally different critters?
(curious Avocet owner)

the T180
is easier for me to get in and out of. I kept the T170 for my wife and sold the Capella


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I thought the Avocet more closely resembled the Romany. Both are quick, fun, and maneuverable. I felt more comfortable in the Romany; seemed to just fit me better than the Avocet. I'm 5'3", 135#
Aquanaut and Explorer are the comparable VCP/NDK boats. I really had a tough time deciding. I think in general I might get more "fun" paddling out of the Avocet or Romany. I went with the Aquanaut simply for the packing room as I think I'll be using it for kayak camping. I am also counting on the fact that I am going to just love the Aquanaut as well! I just want it to get here! {{{impatient}}}!

Aquanaut/Capella compared
I have a Capella and an Avocet and considered the Aquanaut heavily. In the end all good boats but just wanted more of a playboat than a tripper. The Aquanaut is a totally different boat than the Capella. The reason to buy the Aquanaut(and I almost did) in my opinion is for the added room for tripping. I don’t trip much so I do not want a long boat. I keep up speed wise in the Capella and Avocet both in comparison to my long boat friends. I like the playful nature of both boats over the Aquanaut. Can’t comment on the Tempest at all. Sounds like you will win all around with any of the three. Just depends on the “feel” perhaps of the boat wrapped around your body.

Have Fun