Aquanaut club

I have an opportunity to buy an 07 valley aquanaut club. in the reviews I have seen some negative comments, but given the price I am still considering the purchase. Is there anything that I should know about this kayak before I decide to buy it?

My preference would be the Aquanaut
LV RM if you can find one. I think Riverside Kayak Connection in Wyandotte Michigan might have one at a very good price. Bill

When most people shop for a boat they consider the following:

  1. Intended use - day paddles, weekend camping, extended camping, playing in the waves, fitness, racing, talking about paddling their boat
  2. Design of kayak - composite, plastic, home made, rudder, skeg
  3. Fit - your own height, weight, peculiarities (weight lifter thighs, Pop Eye arms)

    It was nice of Bill to suggest Aquanaut LV RM, he probably knows you. The rest of us have no idea if you weigh 140lb or 220lb.

Actually, I don’t know the author, I was
merely pointing out a suggestion to get the LV RM if they have already decided on this Valley hull. The post seems to indicate a concern about the boat itself rather than if it is well suited to the paddler. Either way, good advice Suiram. Bill

Thanks for the replies
I have considered the use and fit. we are going this weekend to see how the boat fits, unfortunately we won’t be paddling it. I guess I was looking to see if anyone had any bad experiences with this kayak. I have a Nordkapp RM and if aquanaut club contruction is of the same high quality I don’t forsee any problems. Thanks for the tip about riverside

Fine boat…
Little less rigging an no day hatch. It’s still a Valley.

Still a Valley and an Aquanaut

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The build quality will be the same as your Nordkapp RM. The Aquanaut hull is more forgiving than a Nordkapp. It will probably feel less responsive than your 'kapp but more reassuring. I have a Nordkapp LV and a standard (composite) Aquanaut.