Aquanaut FG Seat -- lower in 2006

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Note -- I meant "higher in 2006" -- forum software won't let one edit a title.


I just took delivery on a 2006 Aquanaut (pro-kevlar) with the FG seat that is hung from and integral with the coaming, instead of the stock, bolted-in plastic seat. That FG seat used to be standard, but is now an extra-cost option.

Anyway, the FG seat now sits 1 inch higher (at the lowest point, at the sitz-bone) than it used to -- checked it carefully against an older model (2003 or 2004?). Anybody know...

* How would it change the characteristics of the boat?

* Why Valley would do that?

* If I want to lower it, how?

I can't offhand imagine that sitting a bit higher like that would help things, and might make the boat a bit less stable and harder to roll.

Thanks. --David.

easier to do a lay back without lifting your butt from the seat…for those who still believe that there is a rule saying that the butt must remain in the seat at all times…(there is no such rule)

Best Wishes


Valley seat height change
* How would it change the characteristics of the boat?

-I would guess it would lower the primary stability and possibly secondary of the boat.

-It might make it easier to edge and lean?

  • Why Valley would do that?

    -to discourage people from ordering the hung seat

    -to make the boat ‘livlier’ for those who wish such?

  • If I want to lower it, how?

    -probably cut it out and…

I agree…
I think that while it would decrease the stability, it would make the boat easier to edge and maybe more playful.

I would think that it would be an improvement. The Aquanaut has plenty sufficient stability. Making it easier to edge and turn would be worth the trade-off in stability for most would think.


I meant “higher in 2006”

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Sorry. The forum software won't let me change a title.

The stock plastic seat is lower…
… so why is the special-order seat higher than either the current or former stock seat. This had to be a very conscious decision by Valley, as the foam pads under the seat are distinctly taller (that’s how we measured it). Bottom line, I am just wondering if anybody knows what Valley really had in mind with this change.

But thanks for all the ideas proposed here – better edging, more lively, etc. They all make sense as tradeoffs against the old, lower seat.

As for lowering it, I was advised to (a) cut the supporting foam blocks, leaving a gap the distance I want to lower it, like an inch; (b) take a heat gun to the seat, until it sags onto the blocks. Does this make sense?


Give it a good try first
David - I’d suggest not being too quick to make changes, though I really like the seat in my 2004 that you saw at Woods Hole in June.

With my Greenland SOF, I’ve tried it with a 1" foam seat and without (just the floor boards). Stability does not change much, and the foam make laybacks much better (not to mention the vastly improved comfort of the foam). Sitting up a bit higher gives you a better reach to the water with the paddle, too.

Give it a good try before you get out the knife…

Cheers, Alan

I raised mine…
I raised the seat in a very stable boat. It made it much easier to edge/turn without a significant loss of stability. This made a big difference in the handling especially when loaded.

IMHO don’t be too hasty in lowering it…

I hear ya

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> I'd suggest not being too quick to make changes,
> though I really like the seat in my 2004 that you
> saw at Woods Hole in June.
> ...
> Give it a good try before you get out the knife...

I hear ya (and grayhawk too). I've had it on one signficant voyage so far, and stability was fine. It was superb in heavy chop, as expected. The one thing I haven't done yet is try to roll it... worries me a tad, since even the old, low-seat Naut is not the easiest rolling boat in the pond. I guess I've been spoiled by paddling an Avocet for a year and a half ;^)

It was Tom Bergh who first noted the new height and suggested thinking about lowering it. But I will certainly play with it a lot before deciding or doing anything irreversible. Actually, I'm more concerned first about getting the cockpit outfitting right for good foot/leg/hip action.