Aquanaut HV Cockpit dimensions?

Anybody know the specs on this one. I’ve spent a fair bit of time Googling with no results. Also emailed Valley a week or two ago but I assume they are out paddling this time of year.

Width, length, inside deck height anyone?

Have a look
at this, but it might be a little dated as its from 2005 I believe.

Thank you for that
Disappointing that it’s so small.

Those dimensions are for the Aquanaut RM, not the fiberglass HV or the (I believe) slightly larger Aquanaut CLub RM. I’m 6’6" and I fit fine in the kayak.

Have you tried calling your local retailer?

The Club?
The dimensions in the .pdf match those of the Aquanaut Club. I’m only interested in the plastic version though as I like the sounds of their 3 layer plastic for it’s durability. I can’t see the HV’s cockpit dimensions being too far off the Club though since they only list one size on the Seal spray skirts website. I am hoping to rent an Avocet LV for my wife to try next month. When we’re there I’ll take a closer look at the HV.