Aquanaut LV composite?

Has the subject boat appeared at any U.S. dealer?



I believe Geneva Kayak Center in

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Illinois had one a couple of months ago but I don't know their current inventory.

I purchased the plastic LV, however.

Well, I just answered my own question

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I gave GRO a call.

A few Aquanauts have apparently made it across the pond, but only to dealers that pre-ordered them over the winter. Since those early season deliveries no additional Aquanaut LVs have been shipped to the US.

A container is currently being put together in the UK that will include several LVs, but they are all slated for the Kayak Centre in RI.

In a interesting side discussion with GRO they told me that the standard glass lay-up is stronger that either the new infused Pro-Kevlar or Ultra-Kevlar lay-ups.

The glass model is VCP's heaviest, but they have modified the lay-up this year, which decreases weight. The matte glass now used in the lay-up is a finer weave which reduces the amount of resin used. GRO states that the average glass Aquanaut lay-up is now about 52 lbs w/o hatches. Not bad.

The glass LV is a truly beautiful boat
I sat in it at the dealer for a half hour. It is a little snugger than the plastic version and if you’re somewhere near the 150 lb. range (plus or minus) it will probably fit you very well.