Aquanaut Lv or standard!

Would there be much of a speed difference or

turning in a Lv compared to standard model.

The lv is 6" shorter & has 1" lower foredeck

would there really be any Difference apart from

sizing, I would imagine in terms of performance very minimal.

No doubt about it.
You need both!

If you are 5’9" and 155" the LV should

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be a perfect fit.

According to the weight chart on the Valley site, the standard Naut appears to be for a heavier person:

Ya low volume fit real nice but harder to pick up

deal on one.


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Not arguing with you, but I'd be wary of the chart. That's the same chart that says 130 pounds is ideal for an Avocet, which doesn't seem to be the opinion of most folks who have posted about it.

Some of the weight charts & other info on valley

site seem a bit off, take with a grain of salt

I guess. So who wants to offer up there LV aquanaut, didn’t think so. Just bought a kokatat

suit, this has got to be the best investment.

That and learning how to roll.

Agree Angstrom
I know two 170-180# paddlers who love the Avocet.

A bargin is no bargin if it doesn’t fit

Jay you and I are very similar in size (and we just exchanged several on-line notes). The Standard 'Naut is a full sized expedition boat. I find it too large in both carrying capacity and cockpit fit. However, if you are using it for repeated multi-day trips/expeditions with a bunch of gear it could be the ticket.

The reality is that most of us have daily obligations so the ‘expeditions’ are few and far between. :wink:

Lastly, you are correct. In the near term it will be nearly impossible to score either an Aquanuat LV or Nordkapp LV at much of a discount. Only a handful of these made it to the U.S. in 2006 and both boats are in demand, particularly the Nordkapp LV.

Safe paddling,


lv 's
I came across demo Lv nordkap & LV aquanaut

for 2500 each, I guess this is reasonable

Make that three
> I know two 170-180# paddlers who love the Avocet.

I know at least 5
170-180 pound paddlers who love their Avocets :wink:

Reasonable if you want now

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Especially for a Nordkapp LV, $2500 is likely very reasonable.

I'm 6' 170 pounds and found the Nordkapp LV to be fun paddling unladen.

I have an Aquanaut (2004 before there were multiple versions) and find it fine unladen, though the LV might be better for your weight as I used to feel my 'naut needed ballast when not loaded for camping. Now I rather like the livlier feel when the boat is minimally laden.

Weight charts
I’m sure you will understand the weight charts are just a guide and there is a subjective element to where we put the mid-point.

Also when looking at the chart you will see that “ideal” represents a band of weights, in the Avocets case, stretching up to 170lbs. Loading has to be seen as a continuum so after ideal comes good, after good comes OK, then after this not recommended.

However i do agree in retrospect that the mid-point for the Avocet could be 10lbs higher, moving the “ideal” band to approx. 95-180lbs

Finally you will see a shaded band that extends approx + or - 5lbs from the main line, this helps to reflect the subjectivity of loading charts i.e. that there is no definitive line.

I hope this explanation helps and i will get the avocet moved up a little in the chart. Plus if people want to comment on where we have positioned other models, feel free and I’ll do my best to respond

Paddler or total load/Anas too?

I have assumed the weights on the chart are just for the paddler and not paddler and day kit or paddler and touring load. If so it would be helpful to know just how much more weight can be added for touring as a vague generality. Also, while you give a weight for the Pintail which is in the classic section, there are no guidelines for the Anas Acuta. Again, I have assumed it would be roughly equal to Pintail.

You appearance here to answer questions, etc. is greatly appreciated and says much about you and Valley.

are there no stability charts for Anas Acuta and Q-boat?

Weight & fit
Peter -

The other question that leaps to mind is that if the Avocet is optimal for a 130(or 140)pound paddler, why doesn’t the cockpit size and outfitting reflect that? One might think it should be even snugger than the Aquanaut LV.

But then all the bigger paddlers would complain about missing out on the fun…

fit on Aquanuat LV vs. Avocet
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

I found the Aquanaut LV to be a pretty good fit for me (5’ 9" and 155 pounds), but I felt that I really lacked five good points of contact in the Avocet.

I just seemed to swin in the Avocet’s cockpit.

One would think that a 130 pound paddler (the ‘ideal’ median weight per Valley’s website) would disappear in the Avocet :wink:

Volume and Performance
I’m exactly your size. Although I don’t know anything about the Aquanaut I do know about the handling difference between a Tempest 170 and Tempest 165. The difference is not minimal. On a windy day you’ll be glad you’re in a lower volume boat.