Aquanaut LV recommended load capacity?

I have a chance to get a lightly used Valley Aquanaut LV for a good price. Like what I’ve read about the boat and intend to teach my self some rolls in it. Eventually I may venture out into some rock gardens or caves, but that is a long way off

As my first boat and as a beginner it would probably be used mainly for day trips with the occasional overnighter so my question is regarding the recommended load capacity. I am 5’ 10" and weigh just under 180 pounds, which seems to be nearing the top limit of this boat. Problem is I have seen different numbers cited online ranging from 180 to 225.

To make it more confusing, I guess I am not entirely clear on what these capacity limits are referring to - rider alone or rider plus gear in the bulkheads?

If any one can counsel me on wether or not this boat might be a good fit, it would be appreciated.

And my apologies for having this be my first post here - been lurking for a number of months but never bothered to introduce myself!

Sounds like you’ll eventually play
Tsunami Ranger, rather than loading and camping over a weekend. Perhaps without a load of gear, the boat will carry your weight.

‘naut lv
What’s your shoe that Naught has a very low deck. I am 6’ 1" and weigh 160 lbs. I have a size 11 shoe and end up grinding off the tips of my water shoes so I can move my feet unencumbered under the deck.

LV cockpit…
Good point about the feet - I wear a size 10 and often like to shift a bit to keep circulation going and relieve my back. Maybe this biat might be better suited to my GF. Will take her with when I check it out.

Still wondering about the load capacity ratings though - is it rider weight only? Or maximum load?

Can’t help you with the load capacity. Tried camping onceand I’ve been in therapy ever since.

According to this chart…

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the max. capacity of the Aquanaut LV is 210 pounds. That's paddler plus gear.

Having paddled a composite 'naut LV for three years I have no reason to dispute that.

Fwiw, I'm 5'9" and between 150 - 155 and I found the Aquanaut LV to be an ideal fit for me.

The OP is at the very upper range for this boat. Even if he just paddles with a day kit this kayak is going to sit very deep in the water for him and he will have a hard time getting the bow and stern to 'break free' when maneuvering.

Valley Suitability Against Load
In the 2007 - 2008 Valley catalogue, the ideal weight load for the Aquanaut LV (composite) is listed as 150lb. The ideal range is approximately 105 - 195 lb, based on the “suitability (y) against load (x)” graphs they used to publish.

Don’t worry about load capacity!
I had an Aquanaut Club RM 17’x22". I don’t remember the max cap but I like to bring a radio, wine, beer, books, folding chair, snacks and lots of other stuff kayak camping. I never had a problem with the Naut. I once even strapped Sealine bags to the deck on top of squeezing every inch of space in the hatches with stuff. I weight between 175-180 lbs depending on the month. The Naut was a blast unloaded as well. I say go for it, Valleys are great boats… I’m on my second one.

Many thanks!
I have gotten some great advice from everyone here indeed - seems like I either need to loose 30 pounds, which would be nice, or move on to another boat. Since the 30 pounds is not likely to happen anytime soon, the latter option will be my course!