Aquanaut RM advice

How do you know what the polyethylene layup is of an Aquanaut RM? We are trying to determine if it is the HD three layer or standard lay-up. How do you know if it is an HV or LV model? Is this information available through a serial number lookup? Thanks!

Triple layer boats will be white/grayish on the inside, contrasting to the outside color. Older single layer boats will be the same color inside and outside.

Serial number will not tell you whether the boat is LV or HV - best bet if the boat has no stickers (usually would have a small LV or HV after the Aquanaut but some older boats don’t) is to measure the boat and compare the measurements to the published dimensions for the two rotomolded versions.

LV: 17’ 1" length, 22" beam
HV: 17’ 6" length, 22.5" beam

Note that there are two rotomolded sizes of the Aquanaut, and three composite sizes, all of which fit somewhat differently!

(FYI I worked for the East Coast Valley importer for several years. Unloaded many containers of Valley boats so I am very familiar with them, especially their lineup in 2010-2013)