Aquapac effectiveness?

Because of the proliferation of non water proofed, low priced, but reasonable quality point and shoot tele cameras, I wondered if anybody has gone the route of using them in one of these Aquapc camera bags and if so what did they experience in terms of ease of use and quality of the pictures?

didn’twork for me
I used a small point and shoot type. The pictures seemed fine, but was challenging to use the camera through the bag (adjusting settings, etc.).

Instead, bought a Pentax Optio W20 for on the water shots.

Aquapac for paddlling pics
I have used a Aquapac for my cannon point and shoot camera for four years taking hundreds of paddling pictures with good quality. Been through rain, swampings with it and came out dry. The key is to get the correct size for your camera. I have no problem operating the camera through the plastic. The only problem I have is when I’m shooting into the sun sometimes I get reflection from the plastic.

Aquapack did not cut it for me
I had the same proposition: reasonable quality dig camera that I wanted to make waterproof for sea kayak conditions.

I put my camera in an Aquapack and most of pictures had water dropplets on them.

The surface of the clear plastic is far away from the lens and rather large compared to a proper watewrproof dig camera.

Even dedicated waterproof housings most times give non consistant results when water spray is present (most of my paddles will have that, I don’t do canoes).

After a very short stint with the Aquapack I purchased a waterpoof camera and never looked back.

A non waterproof camera will also have a lens that extends from the body of the camera making using the Aquapack rather cumbersome to near impossible.

If you intent to just protect your camera from water than the Aquapack might be OK, but don’t plan to get quality images.

Then again “quality” is relative.

I certainly could not achieve this kind of images from the Aquapack

I tried the one I ordered once and
had the same issues as the other guys. Sent it back and got a Pelican Box and a waterproof camera.

I’m wondering about the DSLR version
Anyone use the AquaPac DSLR version?

Ah’ wouldn’t trust dem too much…

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wit expensive cameras. Ah' used ta sell dem waan ah' woyked in de outdoor store an' tried out out a few. Ah'd be a'plenty noyvous usin' dem in anything but some rain.

Now iffin' yer want ta use waterproof "softcases" fer yer cameras - here is a company dat makes some heavy duty (i.e. expensive) cases wit hard optical glass ports.

Yer kin git dem at some of de large photo retailers such as BH Photo, etc. (No, ah' have no affleeatoon wit BH utter den havin' spent a year's wampum thaar in de last decade)


what’s the difference?
…between the link you provided and the aquapac, what’s the difference? Besides price?