Aquapac SLR Camera Case

Back again with yet another question. When we go out kayaking we always take our small digital camera, if it goes in the water… no biggie.

Well that’s ok but I really want to take my Canon Digital Rebel out with me. so my question is has anyone tried the Aquapac SLR Camera waterproof camera case? I keep reading about it but I haven’t found any opinions on their ease of use, picture quality, etc. Anyone here know anything about them?

I had one for my Sony Cybershot and had mixed results. I bought it originally so I could take pictures underwater and it works okay if you’re careful.

It is difficult to turn the camera on while it’s in the bag because during startup the lens moves in and out. When it moves out, it sometimes comes in contact with the bag, causing the camera to throw up an alarm.

So I began just using the bag to store the camera in until I wanted to shoot a picture. I would gingerly take it out of the bag, turn it on, snap the picture, turn it off, and put it away, trying to keep everything dry in the process. Eventually the bag would accumulate moisture and fog up.

Finally I said “___ it” and bought a waterproof Pentax and gave my old Cybershot to my son.

Other camera models may be more friendly with the bag.

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I would not buy another Aquapak…
I tried Aquapak, but when I would turn my camera on, the lens would open against the bag, and would shut itself back off. It just wouldn’t work with my camera (and I had the right model bag for my camera). I gave it to a friend, and the camera worked fine in it…except for one thing. Every time he would use the zoom, it would press against the bag, and within a week or so, the movement of the lens against the bag had scratched the clear plastic to the point that it was useless for good photos. I returned the bag to the store and told them it did not perform as advertised. They refunded my money and returned the Aquapak to the manufacturer.

I would not buy another Aquapak. It’s a good idea that just hasn’t had all the bugs worked out yet.

I keep looking for a waterproof camera, but haven’t found one that offers all the features I really find important.

In the meantime, I continue to use my digital Nikon Coolpix 885 on my river trips, and return it to a small otter box whenever I approach a sweeper, strainer, tricky water or rapids…which means I miss some of the best shots I could have had if I’d had a protected or waterproof camera. However, my otter box has protected my camera in several situations…one when my boat was wrapped on a big rock, and the camera was in the powerful force of the current for several minutes before I could get it out, and on several (a few too many) dumps in rapids. Otter definitely lives up to its guarantee.

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another dissatisfied aqupac user
never again.

I have the aquapack case and a canon Digital rebel… When the Camera is in the CASE it’s a PITA to operate. It does a decent job of keeping the camera dry. Also its hard to focus it. I am currently looking at one of the smaller digital cameras that have a HARD CASE option for waterproof shots. I would rather have a water proof HARD shell for the Rebel, but they don’t make one. To me the Aquapack is just a few steps up from putting the camera into a zip lock freezer bag!!!


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Here's 7 hard cases for the Rebel..

but they ALL cost more then the all ready expensive Camera it self…

Know what you mean…
I just bought a Panasonic Lumix and they don’t make anything for that one yet…

I almost whent with a Canon P&S as the have some housings in the $300 range…

Has waterproof cases for a large variety of there cameras. I’ve had my ultra zoom C-70 (10x optical)

for over 2 years with the case. I can take pictures anywhere, all the functions are availableand waterproof to 130’.

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I said Canon but I meant to say Olympus

Aquapac SLR Camera Case
Thanks everyone for the information, everything you have sadi for downsides is what I figured they would be. well onto finding something else to store my baby in.

More advice or help is always appreciated.

Don’t bother
I’ve seen pictures from “packed-in” cameras. I’m not impressed. The whole concept of having a cover on a good camera is the ability to use the camera to its full potential (almost). The difficulty of accessing all the controls while bagged-in really defeats the purpose.

For the money some of them 'packs cost, you’re probably better off buying another “wettable” camera just for the purpose. It may have less control than your best camera ON LAND, but the USABLE controls ON WATER are probably similar. And you get another small, no frill camera to bring to beach party with, too.

Well hang on now
I have the Aquapac and I use it with a digital Canon Rebel. Yes, it is a pain to use but it does make it useable. I use the normal lens, not a telephoto, put it on auto focus, turn it on before putting it in the bag. My camera turns itself off after so many seconds, I punch the shutter release once to turn it back on then compose the photo and shoot. This is relativly easy to do. As long as you want to just be able to use your SLR to take pictures while paddling and aren’t trying to get into some serious photography. The lens seems to auto-focus fine through the bag with plenty of room between the lens and front of the bag. However, it is a pain to use. I accept it as simply a tool that allows me to use the digital SLR as opposed to a film camera. If you intend to engage in some serious photography while paddling then you won’t be happy with the aquapac.

If you aquapac breaks as fast as mine di
you will not be happy either.

There are hard shelled cases
for the rebel, but they are made for diving, and the cost of one could pay for another yak or two! The cheapest I can think of is made by ikelite and is very bulky. Also I’m not sure if the lens ports are designed for surface use. Aquonos and Subal also make uw housings but at around 1 1/2x the price of the ikelite.

ihave a …
sony dsct1. great camera 5mp and you can find it on ebay around the 200.00 range. I also have a housing for it that was 120.00 from ebay. i use this camera snorkelling in miami and on my canoe trips i take. it doesn’t float but you can use all the features of the camera with the housing. as for the camera it is the best camera i’ve owned. my mother is a pro. photographer. I lent it to her for a vacation. she loved it also. i would only change the fact that the battery is li-ion and can’t be replaced by a AA or AAA battery. so longer float trips without charging is a downfall.