Aquaplanet ' kayak ' ad

This is a British ad for an inflatable barge. Typical ad except the girl wasn’t mostly naked.
No mention or evidence of a PFD.
She’s paddling a canal so I assume people can’t drown in canals.

Did you forget your paddle??

Wrong thread. The only time I forgot it was taking a neighbor paddling who I didn’t particularly like .

You didn’t post the ad. Did you forget too?

I didn’t think it was worth posting with no eye candy.
PS. I don’t know how.

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I went and looked up the trailer on Vimeo.

They looked dressed for the water and all of them were wearing PFDs.

I’ll give it to them on that, but the boat did look like a barge, if I wanted to be nice it was, maybe, a sea cow.

If eye candy is all it takes, here you go…

Aren’t you inspired now to pick a waveski and a Gath helmet. :star_struck: