Aquaterra Chinook help needed

Hello, I have an older Aquaterra Chinook, and need to do a repair to the seat, and would appreciate the help of another Chinook owner if possible. The string that holds the seatback in has dry rotted out, and I cannot figure out the original routing of the string to replace it. If someone who has a Chinook could take a good look at this string and reply with the specific routing of the string, I would greatly appreciate it. In other words, the order of how the string goes through the various holes in the seat mount. Thanks. Matt


I have a couple out in the rack. Will take a look tomorrow and advise.

Chinook seat
Thanks! That would be a huge help. I’m sure I could rig something, but would like to do it the right way. Appreciate it!

Here’s the deal

The way it is on a Chinook NW, circa '96-'97.

The solid cord (non-bungee) starts as a big knot on the left hand rear seat bracket. It tranverses through the seat, above the grove on the back, and then exits on the right and works around to a jam cleat assembly on the right lower seat front. This is your adjustment.

The bungee forms a vee from the attachment point on the bottom of the hull (near the pipe) up through the seat and above the groove mentioned above. It looks like just a knotted loop to provide a little pull back.

If you look at the seat from the rear, you will see the vee of the bungee and the solid cord going in from the left and exiting on the right. You will see this groove or recess that keeps the cord high in the seat assembly.

Hope this helps.

thanks, i’ll print your reply and head down to the garage to see if I can’t figure out a fix. much appreciated, you taking the time to eyeball that for me.


seat is repaired. thank you!