Aquaterra Chinook NW Rudder Part

Not sure if this is the right spot for this but.

In case anyone out there is still looking…

I recently broke A plastic piece on my Chinook NW kayak that mainly allows you to flip the rudder up and down when needed as well as spaces everything correctly… I have found a few posts of people looking for that plastic part.

Well being that I could not find one I had a buddy redesign it and he 3d printed me one
and its working great so far… So if anyone out there is still in need of that part. I can get you the file or have one printed if needed. This uses the Original pin and replaces the block only

I happen to find a factory replacement but its $95 lol…
From description it will fit as a replacement part for the central block and pin for an Aquaterra (aka Perception) brand rudder assembly, circa 1990s and year 2000, common on Spectrum, Sea Lion, Chinook, and Prism sea kayaks


Very cool gesture!

Hi! This just happened to me when moving my kayak–I’d love to have the file for that 3D print–that would be really helpful! Thanks!

Hi LoR:

Just bought an old Aquaterra Spectrum with a broken 3-screw rudder block. Could I pay you (something well under $95) for one of these?


Charley Duggan

@LandofRath I just came across your post for the replacement plastic part. If I could get a copy of your file that would be absolutely awsome. Alternatively I would be happy to pay for a printed replacement but I’m not sure where you are based (I’m in Australia)



I would like to purchase the three pin rudder block off your friend if he can print me one please. Respond for contact info.