Aquaterra Chinook rudder pedal adjust?

I just bought a vintage Chinook Aquaterra 16’ kayak, and the rudder pedals are adjusted for someone who was about 4 feet tall. It appears that the track can be removed and reinstalled further down the hull.

The screws that hold the rudder pedal tracks to the hull are fairly well stuck together. Before I risk destroying the screws as I disassemble the track from the boat, is there anyone out with experience on adjusting the rudder pedals on a Chinook who can tell me if this is a normal adjustment or am I destroying the boat?


Rudder ?
Take out the old footbraces, cut out the wires and replace them with Sea Dawg rudder footbraces, come into the 21st century.

I have no idea what your set up looks like but you can’t ruin it, be brave and be creative.

well, it’s been a few years

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(or decades?) since i last sold a Chinook, but my recollection from that period was that the Aquaterra system just used the standard Keepers type pedal and notched rail, but in a sliding track, and adjustments were made by squeezing the trigger on the front facing side of the pedal and adjusting it on the notched rail.

The adjustment triggers could get mucked up easily, so it's probably a good idea to get in there with a spray hose and make sure all mud and sand is out of the track system. If your pedals are missing the adjustment triggers, you can still buy replacements from most Perception dealers.

May need clean and lube
I’ve also acquired a vintage Chinook and had to clean and lubricate the pedals so they’d slide on the track for adjustment. As noted, the release lever is on the back side of the pedal (forward in relation to the boat). I’d recommend a lubricant that isn’t petroleum based and doesn’t accumulate grit. If it’s missing the neoprene hatch cap, you can get one from Snapdragon for about $40.

While “ancient” (first rotomolded sea kayak made in the U.S.) the design is based on the classic to paddle. Congratulations on your acquisition.