aquaterra gemini help

Hello to all

I presently have a old Gemini I got used .me and the wife are both new to kayaking and mostly have lakes and slow moving rivers in the area .well I have written to perseption and searched the web and can get no information on this boat .comen cents would tell me the rudder peddles and seats are in wrong as the peddles are in the front before the front paddlers seat but besides that weight capabilities and proper weight distribution for the boat would be nice to know anyone with information on this boat and maybe some hints would be appreciated thanks all

set up for family paddling

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I've owned a couple of Aquaterras but not that tandem. I know the
rudder control in most tandems is from the stern seat but I believe they put it in the bow for the Gemini because the single open cockpit is designed so you could place a kid or dog in the middle and having the rudder mechanism there would interfere with that. They are not bad boats, pretty durable plastic and decent design. I used to have an old catalog that showed it - it's a family boat for mild flatwater recreational outings. As tandems go I recall it was relatively light, under 60 lbs. The seats are screwed in place but I have heard of people converting it to a solo boat by moving one seat to the center and taking out the other. It really is not designed for open water or touring - it's a day trip boat. I don't recall it having bulkheads (sealed front and rear compartments). Does yours? If not, it would be a sinking hazard if swamped in deep water. I have seen vintage spray decks for sale for the Gemini at times.

As to weight distribution, you'll have to figure that by trial and error. If you are a LOT bigger than your partner and she is in the bow you might need to add a couple jugs of water in the bow to help it track straight.