Aquaterra(Perception) Prism ??

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This is my firat post, so hopefully I am not asking a stupid question!

I have been paddling my Prism for 6 years, mostly in bays and near-shore coastal waters off Southern California. Yesterday it rolled on me for the first time, and I lost my fishing rod (which of course is my fault). This was quite a surprise, as this boat has been so stable for so long! I paddle often, and have had near misses when fidgeting with fish or in rough water, but it has never gone over. I got caught on the face of a gentle wave, abreast of the wave face, and it just went - very easily. I usually go straight into small waves with no problem, but got careless as the wave was so small. Do other Prism anglers have suggestions for a simple rod retention device, and have your boats rolled on you? I am 6'1" and 250lbs.


Simple rod leash
I don’t paddle a Prism, but my Scupper did the same thing to me once. I have since kept the bow pointed toward the waves to avoid becoming a log and broaching. I use a rod leash made out of parachute cord. A simple mini carbiner from Home Depot secures one end to a pad eye on the kayak. The other end of the cord has a large snap swivel tied to it which is then clipped to a split ring I zip tied to my rod handle. No more lost rods.

Sounds like a great solution! I’ll give it a try.