Aquaterra Sea Lion opinions please

A friend of mine is in the market for an inexpensive first sea kayak. This is for coastal Maine. She is about 5’6", maybe 150# or so, has paddled for a couple years, and is still a strong beginner.

She has an option to buy this boat. Our understanding is that this is now the Perception Eclipse 17’.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this boat, which is about 10 Y/O for $600 for the intended use?

Thanks folks!

Not a bad boat,
depending on whether it’s oil canning, and how much UV it’s taken over the years. They had a UV inhibitor in that plastic, but it wears out. It did tend to wow a lot on the hull (which is why there’s a stiffening rod in there), but it’s a fast boat that can haul a good amount of gear if you want it to.

Bottom Line: The Eclipse is the exact same hull design. It has remained unchanged after all this time. That tends to mean it’s a pretty good idea. You can always get $600 for it if it doesn’t work out.

keep looking
a near new Necky Manitou would be a better purchase for a 150lb paddler. The sea lion is a big boat. If you don’t put a lot of weight in it you’ll be struggling in 10mph winds. Get $600 worth of paddling gear and then look for $600 deals.

It is a great boat.
I have one.

But…it is too big for her!

I am 5’-9" and weigh 160 and I love it. It is a do all kayak.

If you could find the Eclipse’s little sister; the Shadow it would be perfect for her.

That cost is ok if it is in good shape, since the used Carolinas are selling for around that and the Eclipse is much more kayak.

I have used mine so much that I wore the fabric off the seat back and now it is pure duct tape.



seconding JackL’s opinion
the sea lion is a do everything kayak, that is why you used to see so many outfitters using them.

mine is in kevlar, maybe one of the first sea lions offered in it. It has seen many miles under its belly and has some good benefits for the beginner: stable, easy to load, can carry a huge amount of gear. It wont track like many boats without a rudder but it turns easily for a large 'yak. The seat is comfortable enough-good for its time.

on the cusp
Sea Lions were excellent boats (for their time), but at her weight, she’s on the very bottom edge of who the boat was designed for. If she can find a used Shadow, she’d find it much more appropriate to her size.

Another excellent design for paddlers in her size range is the Current Designs Squamish. New they go for a street price of $970-$1050 - if you can find one used, you should be able to get it for not much more than the $600 on the Sea Lion.