Aquaterra Sea Lion

this used boat seems meticulously cared for, with rudder, and sale includes all accessories and some real nice gear for expedition camping. Price is right, but a search of these archives reveals much negative ranting toward Perception’s big boats. I sure don’t want a dog of a boat at any price. I’m seeking to build my fleet, now a Loon 111, so that I have a boat suitable for group paddling on Lake Jocassee and the overnite trips on the Edisto River. I won’t have a chance to actually take it out for a test run, so… Anybody know this boat? What do ya think? Do I turn and run away from this deal, or jump in with a smile and paddle?

go for it
the Sea Lion’s a decent boat. heck my Pop paddled one (roto, no less) for a bunch of years and did fine. 7 days in the San Juans, Baja, Columbia river wind and waves.

The popularity of this boat had it in production a long time and it’s siblings the Shadow and Eclipse are still doing well.

It hold some gear, is fast enough, stable enough, carves turns, etc. and if it’s in good shape and reasonable $$$, I’d jump on it.


It is a great boat.
I had one for a while. It is a great touring boat. A bit heavy but handles well. I just got a Chinook.

I bought one
I bought one for a loaner boat. I picked it up for 200 some dollars. It has worked great for getting my friends started in kayaking. So far 2 have bought their own kayaks since borrowing it. I have paddled it also and have no complaints. So try it out and if you like it…go for it!

Flatpick is correct…
The Sealoin’s reputation is very solid, many are still in use all over the place and many sea kayakers started out in a Sealion. This is basically the same boat as the newer Eclipse/Sealion except for the rudder mount. The new poly Eclipse has been redesigned to remove the dredded keelson (pipe) that ran down the center of the boat. The older Sealion Composites were built by BlueWater/Upstream Edge Canada, famouse for building bombproof composite whitewater kayaks. They can still be seen at Mid-Canada Fiberglass LTD. I have one, it’s a 1998 and in prestine condition and solid as a rock. Beautiful boat and no need to upgrade. It will go anywere in any conditions in spite of what some other so called experts will tell you. Just get it and prove them wrong, again !..It’s a good safe boat you’ll like it.

we sold a bunch of the Upstream composites. What a nice, light, strong boat! Gary knows how to build 'em!

I had a Green/ Green kevlar SL for a couple seasons and it was bomber. An instructor did a full ‘loop’ out in surf once. Full on ender!


Hey, thanks all…
I’ll go for this one.