Aquaterra Spectrum 14

I am thinking of buying this boat: but am a bit hesitant.
It would be a loaner boat for when I take people on a longer camping trip so cheap is good!
According to the seller, it was made in March 1995 (re the serial no) and has been stored outside under tarps.
I suggested to him that $300 was too much for a 20+ year old boat stored outside.

Anyone have experience with the Spectrum or thoughts?

Loaner boat for people who have just started paddling?
If so be aware it weathercocks profoundly… Even a slight wind from anything other than straight ahead will make it face the wind.

When it came out of the mold the stern sprang up… This was NOT the designers intent.
I had one for a year… It was misery on the ocean off Maine and quickly I got a Prijon SeaYak… Another old boat that was absolutely a joy.

I have come across several other paddlers in Spectrums none having fun… Even with a rudder.

I would second that caution – paddled behind a guy who had one a few years ago and it was like following a drunk… This also applies to the Aquaterra Scimitar. I bought one of those for $325 6 years ago as a loaner boat and found it to be almost as hard to keep on track as my ancient whitewater kayak, even with the rudder deployed. I sold it after one season. Warned the buyer that it had that tendency but he thought adding ballast and moving the seat would fix it. I noticed a few months later he had posted it on Craigslist.

I think that I will back out of the deal.