Aquaterra Umiak Spray Skirt

Well the youngest is now into the Umiak-a boat that served her sisted not to many years ago…but alas cant find the sprayskirt the older used and I cannot find one easily via the net.

Any here know of an existing sprayskit for this small kayak?

Sm "Keyhole"
from snapdragon fits it. Should double check though.


Fit list
says XS or S depending on the skirt model.

Check any skirt maker’s fit list for the Perception Carolina 12.0 – same boat, different name.

thanks for the info
will search the known manuf. for Perception Carolina 12.0 skirts.

Check with sierra trading post
They may have skirts by Nookie… The small will fit.

I got the Snapdragon size small for my daughter’s Umiak. Fit is excellent.