Aquatherm Touring Cag

My Lotus hooded paddling jacket is on its last legs and I’m shopping around for something that will keep me dry and warm. I’ve seen the Reed Aquatherm Touring Cag only in photographs and wonder if anyone here has any real time experience with the manufacturer and the fabric.

Thanks in advance.

Dry cag and cagdeck
I have a dry cag and a cag deck. I’ve found the company good to deal with, both times I received the gear in about a week(I’m in Australia).

The fabric is not as breathable as goretex but isn’t too bad. It’s tough, I’ve received major grazes through it and you couldn’t see any damage to the fabric. I like the seals, they’re not as watertight as latex but are more durable and I don’t have the skin problems I have with latex.

I did get some holes in a forearm of the cagdeck, don’t know how, but they were easily repaired with iron on tape.


Don’t know about Reed but love Kok

Thanks for the information about your experience with the material.