ARC Kayak Instructor Training on L.I.?

There seems to be some debate whether or not the American Red Cross Kayak Trainer module still exists. Does anyone know if it still does on Long Island/NY metro area and/or who may offer it in this area?

Call the Red Cross.VF

Other organizations teach the same thing
and are a lot more stable than the ARC training programs are right now. Too bad, they were the benchmark for a long time. I would not waste my time or money on any ARC training anymore.

Why are you looking for it?

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Reason is that NYS has some requirements on the books to be a kayak or canoe "coach" that may require interaction with the Red Cross in your area for non-kayak skills stuff. Even if you get the skills instructor part from an organization like the ACA, you also have to have taken a "Responding to Emergencies/CPR" class and a water safety class. Alternatives to these are acceptable - some of the Wilderness Responder courses comp to that Red Cross class and it is possible (haven't checked myself) that something like the BCU Canoe Safety test or an ACA equivalent would serve for the other.

However, the Wilderness Responder classes may be more difficult to get to from LI than the Red Cross class (which I recently took and thought was far from bad), and if you want a quick in and out the Red Cross water safety class may also be more accessible than the alternatives.

As to the kayak instructor class, it seems to have gotten hard to find up here as well.

plug pulled
The ARC kayak instructor class was run in conjunction with the ACA who pulled the plug on it years ago. Read in to that what you will.

Quickest route between 2 points
ARC Kayak Instructor is faster, easier and less expensive than ACA. Either certification is required for a specialty camp I have been invited to instruct /assist at. I already have ARC CPR, AED, Wilderness First Aid, plus some other non-ARC training. I am not really interested in reading between the lines as to why it is not/hardly offered anymore, I just need the rubber stamp. By the way, thanks to all for the input. I have located a class which I am registering for in June in Suffolk County (NY).

ARC courses not supported nationally
but you can still find local chapters with robust programs. They tend to be less expensive than ACA courses because ARC asks instructors not to charge a lot. There is even a National Aquatic School that’s offered in New York in June. Search for “Red Cross Aquatic School”.

As for ACA “pulling the plug” on ARC, the two collaborated on teaching materials for awhile but one doesn’t control the other. ARC simply needed to direct its resources towards its core programs. Local chapters are allowed to continue to offer small craft classes if they have the ability and desire to do so. If you can find one that offers instructor certification, good for you. When my ARC cert expired, I could not schedule an instructor class so had to go to ACA (and drive a long way). That was when money went further. I can’t afford it now.

Anyone ever bridged or know about it?
I understand there was a bridging option for ARC kayak instructors to ACA via a purchased workbook, but that too may have been discontinued. Called ACA, but they are in mid-move to Alexandria and no information will be available until sometime next week at the earliest.

Not sure it’s still allowed but here’s the info:

The requirements to become an ACA instructor are more different from the ARC req’s than they used to be. With ACA, you have to take the IDW & ICE and when you renew, you have to take an update course. With Red Cross, you can “challenge” just about everything.