Arctic Hawk back deck height

Anybody paddling a Wilderness systems Arctic Hawk

that can comment on back deck/combing height for

layback rolls. The back deck looks low enough but

was wondering if combing digs into back when laying

on back deck. The Recluse I used to have was nice

but the combing used to dig into my back so I let

boat go and was wondering if Artic hawk was similar

or lower. Thx

Fiberglass Arctic Hawk
My glass WS Arctic Hawk has a combing that extends maximally about 1 1/4" above the top of the adjacent back deck, which is pretty flat. The top of the back portion of the combing extnds vertically just about 8 7/8" above the inside of the hull at the centerline.

I don’t usually roll flat on the back deck but I have played around with Greenland style rolls a few times. I don’t remember the combing digging in badly.

I have never been in a Betsie Bay Recluse. Judging from photos, the back deck and combing contour look pretty similar to the Arctic Hawk, however. I think you would actually have to try one to see, unless someone here has owned both boats and can comment.

If the Recluse is like
my Valkyrie, the seat back is right against the rear coaming and yes it does interfere with my layback. I would move the seat forward a few inches but my feet wouldn’t fit then.

cockpit combing
Ya Valkyrie rear combing same as Recluse with seat

to close to it. The the rear of cockpit needs to be

cut out more for easier lay backs or combing recessed

abit. And as you mentioned if seat is moved forward

then less foot room and handling abit different

possibly. Was wondering if Arctic was the same or

if there was more room behind seat. I know the seats

that came with them were pretty uncomfortable and seat

back was higher then back combing which didn’t make

sense in a boat like that. Go to all that trouble to

replicate a boat like that in fiberglass and then

put in a seat like that. Any input appreciated. Thx

Arctic Hawk
I’m not home presently so I can’t measure. I have a backband in my Arctic Hawk and the front of the backband is a good 4 inches or so (if memory serves) from the front edge of the cockpit coaming rear.

I used to
have a couple of 'em and laybacks were no problem. I replaced one with a foam seat and it was sweet.

nice boat!


Back deck
Thanks, thats what I was wondering about. The BB Recluse I used to paddle the seat was pretty close

to combing and really dug into back with lay backs.

I think its probably a given about replacing seat

with foam one. What where your love’s & hate’s with

this model Flatpick. Thx

love / hate
loved the way she looks, edges, carves, paddles in smooth water, moves, carries (I had a kevlar, no gelcoat, ss model w/o hatches and bulkheads) weight- 32.5lbs with nylon floatbags!

hated weathercocking, real bumpy seas/surf (bow was grabby) seat and cockpit (one had an ocean cp :-P)

I paddled her on a 4 day trip once and she was loaded! I was guiding and had a ton o’ stuff.

somewhere I have an ol WS '96 catalog shot of me in one in front of cape lookout, sc with a full moon behind us. cool shot!

If I had another I’d rig a skeg in her or just keep her around for smooth, fast paddling. I do have a SOF I built with Mark Rogers, a ‘Spirit Hawk’ I use for ‘traditional stuff’ (maybe once every couple years!


Last time I was in one a few years back I liked

paddling the AH in the flat water I was in but

never had the chance to paddle rougher/windy days.

I’am sure the boat could handle it, just not sure

if I could handle the boat on those days. I’am sure

with the right seat/outfitting laybacks would be fine.


I couldn’t resist

1995 Wildy catalog cover. waaaaaay before Greenland stuff was popular!

This is a (IMO) great shot at sunset with a almost full moon at Cape Lookout, NC.


Nice pic
Your looking pretty greenland with paddle and all.

Thanks for AH info.

seat position
The way my backband is currently set, the backband’s front surface is 3 1/2" forward of the front surface of the center of the rear cockpit coaming.

steve you’d look good in a tuilik…
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plus they’re too warm.