Arctic Hawk skeg?

Are there any Arctic Hawk owners here who have chosen to put a retractable skeg on their boat?

If yes, what skeg kit did you chose? Were you happy with the results?

Try here instead
You might ask the same question over at the CLC builders forum.

I never had a skeg back when I had a Hawk, but there were a couple of times when it would have been nice. You might mess about with it some before adding one just to make sure.



i’ve got the composite
hawk by WS and I’m wondering why would it need a skeg??? in a queer way it reminds me of the orignal Nordkapp with the integral keel…maybe i haven’t had enough sleep, it was a long day :frowning:

I don’t know that it does. I just bought a glass WS Arctic Hawk but haven’t paddled it much in wind as yet. Some have said that it tends to weathercock a lot and that it might benefit from a skeg.

i have a similar boat
i am reluctant to add a skeg because i am learning a lot about boat handling from my gp style boat. i do plan to have a couple of gallon jugs for water that i can put in the stern to sink it a little. i’m kinda light at 160.

I paddled an AH for six years
and the weathercocking and squirrly handling in steep quartering seas were frustrating liabilities to an otherwise nice handling boat. I finally cut a long triangle from a piece of plastic that measured 12"x1.5" and afixed it [with 3M 5200] to the keel line of the boat about 18 inches from the stern. Altough this only amounted to a total of about 9 square inches of skeg area, it took a lot of the weathercocking out of the boat and mellowed it somewhat in following conditions. The small skeg did not have much effect on maneuverability, especially when the boat was leaned. The only precaution is to snap a chalkline along the keel to assure exact alignment otherwise you might end up with a permanent ruddering effect. If you don’t like the results, it’s easy to remove the skeg using a heated razor knife with no harm to the hull. John

Have several satisfied Hawk owners using
my foiled blade skeg kit.

Under the onno accessories section.

EZ install.

the AH is a typical GL style and DOES WC alot. a skeg helps balance the boat BUT takes away from the ‘traditional’ style of the hawk.

I’d lean towards comfort and throw down the 3 bills and call 'er good. oh and…a little elbow grease.



Thanks all for the good advice.

If you decide you want one, check out the one by Onno.

hey patrick
how much room do you need for the skeg box and can the cable be bent down so that it comes off at a shallower angle to the box? tia, john

hi peter, the onno is what i’d suggested when we were paddling together. no reason to chose anything else. john

Usually ask for the inside…

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.....hull to deck measurement right where one is planning on putting the system in. Like to see 7" but a little less will work o.k. and I CAN cheat the fitting a little bit forward to lower + fire the cable more forward which in and of itself, lowers the angle it needs to bend. The more the cable bends the more drag. No problem to route cable off to the side though.( Edit, by this I mean cable does not have to run straight forward once it comes straight out of housing ) I do have plans to make a new set of molds for a super low profile ( around 4.5" ) housing but need more time ..... probably later this fall. If interested in this, please be a squeeky wheel.