Arctic Hawk

I purchased a Kit from CLC to build the Arctic Hawk, Greenland type Kayak. I’m New to this sport, any words of advice on building problems or in handling/paddling this type kayak I should know about.

Thanks in advance

Nice Boat…
I wouldn’t mind a sparrow hawk myself.

For advice and even day to day hand-holding, bemoaming or rejoicing in the joys and agonies of boat building, there is no other site comparable to:

Good luck. Tell us how it goes on the launch. :slight_smile:


tried one
I hope you have small feet because it is a greenland design built like a glove for people who are 5ft 5in and size 8 foot. Great big water boat but hope you have paddled one to check the size.

Great boat
But consider, if you haven’t already, putting a retractable skeg in it. It’s way too pretty a boat for a rudder, and honestly, a skeg would be all it would need in high winds, or following seas.

I have several friends who have the Wilderness Systems version, and they love them.

Good choice to start out in!


are you sure?
the A.Hawk is 22" wide,it’s not a small kayak. The photo on CLCs website showing a young woman in it is 6’2".

A Relatively Huge Boat
for many paddlers if we’re talking “Greenland style.” I have seen 6’ and 200 plus folks fit into the much smaller Betsie Bays. I can’t see someone not fitting into the Arctic Hawk unless they have size 16 feet and above. Now, whether a large paddler likes a tighter fit is a whole other question.

For a newbie, if the person is big, the Arctic Hawk will probably feel “challenging” but not necessarily insurmountable. For a first boat it will time to get used to but as skills develop a boat that can be appreciated more.