Arctic Tern Hi completed

I just fininshed a Pygmy Boats Arctic Tern Hi from a kit. Total that I have into this project is about $900. Makes for a reasonably priced 17’ kayak weighing less than 45lbs completely ready to paddle.

Pics below:

New boat

Nicely done!
What did you use for a seat?

is carved out of foam with a bread knife, hand saw and 4 1/2" right angle grinder. Since my foam was long enough, I just had to carve out the water bottle holder.

it’s also good for putting in a spare key slot and other misc. items. Don’t forget the underside of the deck. With such a high foredeck you can put in a fun collection of tie down points for bungies or small dryboxes.

I’m finishing up the varnishing of a Merganser 18. Down the the finish line with bungies, rigging and hatch hardware.


With regards to securing the seat,check out Salamander hip pads,with the seat jammed down beneath them you won’t have to rely on velcro. Also making it oversized so it can have slots on the side to jam between the hip plates. I found that holds it in better than any velcro and is easy to pull out. If you want to make it tough and not get torn up over time sand it smoother with drywall sanding screen and coat with the liquid rubber used to coat tool handles,or you can glue on some kind of stretchy fabric.

The Real Question
You say you have $900 invested… How many kegs of Full Sail Ale did it take to build this boat?

Beautiful work. I’m jealous, both of the boat as well as the green-ness of your grass.


I just got a half finished Tern that I am starting on. GH

pony kegs. Full Sail Wassail Winter Ale. Don’t look too close at the grass, I have two German Shephards that make it hard to find an area of the yard that is clean and big enough to set a kayak down…if you know what I mean…


Impressed by the good job you have done.

I am building one too and would like to know if you have some tips and tricks about building it.

Also I am at the stage I have to fiberglass the hull and my questions are :

How difficult is it ?

What tool did you use (there is some debate over Roll vs Brush etc.)