are bulkheads suppposed to be flush

Just got my new QCC kayak today and am noticing that the bulkheads are defninitely not flush with the hull. Is this normal?

Sorry, don’t understand.
Do you mean the edges of the bulkheads don’t mate with the hull everywhere? Or that the transition zone isn’t what you expected it to be?

more detail
what do you mean by flush?

I looked in the dictionary and was reminded of how many definitions there are for flush.

The only ones that might make sense to me were;

–even, level, having surfaces on the same plane.

–arranged with adjacent sides, surfaces or edges close together.

How far out of flush are they?

There had better be some curvature to the flange of the bulkhead otherwise the bulkhead will cause all kinds of stress fractures to the deck and the hull when those parts naturally flex. If you examine the bulkhead from both sides, you will see that they are completely sealed, but viewing from one side would make it appear as if the bulkhead was undersized for the boat.

Do you mean hatch covers?
Bulkheads are inside the boat, seal off the bow & stern - hatch covers go over the holes in the deck.