Are Jet Boil stoves quiet?

I have a Primus Yellowstone Trail (I think that’s the name). It sounds like a blow torch. I use it for kayak camping, mainly. I have a quiet stove for car camping but it is too big and bulky to take along in the kayak.

On kayak trips, I usually only use my stove for boiling water anyway and would like one that’s quiet but quick. I also prefer canister to gas. Also, I’ve used alcohol and fuel block stoves, but they take forever to boil water.

So, is a Jet Boil quiet?

compared to a freight train…

there is a wooshing sound present…nothing too bad tho…

i think that an alcohol stove would be the quietest…

It is quieter than my MSR Whisperlite was and certainly quieter than the XGK which is the loudest white gas stove I’ve ever heard. I haven’t heard the Primus stove you list though…


Kind of subjective
Quiet, with the usual sound of burning gas under pressure, a whooshing noise is the best to describe it. It is VERY quick however, on and 2 minutes later off. I love my jet boil.


Compared to what? A jet is louder than a standard propane stove.

Yes, but
my stove seems to sound like a jet, especially in a quiet spot along a river. And maybe that’s what makes it seem so loud. There’s no other noise. But it does sound like a blow torch. Less blow torch is what I’m looking for.

what it “Boils” down to is do you want speed? or quite. or you could go the no cook route…

Good point
I guess if my camp mates don’t mind the noise, then I can live with it too. Otherwise, I’ll break out the alcohol stove.

Curses on noisy stoves
Here is the quiet one I use: Snow Peak Giga Power Blended Fuel Stove. $79 at REI. Not the most compact stove, but it is light in weight, very stable, with great pan support, and easily set to a low simmer. The flame is centered, so a small pot can be used. Some stoves have a wide burner and the flame licks up the side of a small pot.

i want to play with the new reactor!!!
no-no nuclear fission required:

MSR’s newest stove…

their answer to a jetboil…

loud enough to drown out a cellphone

I think we need a point of reference. i always thought they were no louder than my whisperlite and that doesn’t bother me.

Not very
Not very loud, and good point about not needing them on for more than two minutes. I think that Primus is the stove I have, and it’s quieter than mine.

Want loud? Get an MSR Dragonfly! Great stove, but unbelieveably loud.

I suggest the Brunton Crux
I really like my Brunton Crux. Small, but very good at heating whole pan. If you want to cook for more than one, it is very versatile. Here is a review…

noise isn’t the issue
I’m not trying to preach or anything but I think people should use refillable fuel canisters as often as possible. The non-refillable canisters are hazardous waste and, for the most part, people don’t want to pay a couple dollars for the disposal fee so they just throw them in with regular garbage. They end up in landfills which isn’t a good thing in anyway whatsover. Most stoves that use refillable canisters will work with various types of fuel so that’s a bonus in itself.

I agree
go with the re-fillable stoves. I’d also rather have fast than quiet. and a good simmer position is mandatory. I use a Primus hymalaya and really like it for the well built pump mechanism.

Free Disposal
This is sort of off subject, but for those of you that have an REI near, you can recycle your non-refillable canisters at the store for free. I am not sure it is this way at all stores, but the 3 around me offer this service. Just a helpful bit of info, for what its worth.