Are licenses for VHF not required now?

I was referred to this web page

It says voluntary ships are no longer required to get a VHF license. I have seen very different things posted. Does anyone have accurate information regarding the current state of regs?

On October 26, 1996, the FCC released a Report and Order in WT Docket No. 96-82, FCC 96-421 (text, WordPerfect), eliminating the individual licensing requirement for voluntary ships operating domestically which are not required by law to carry a radio. The paragraphs below describe how the rules affect the maritime public.

VHF regs
You don’t need a license UNLESS you’re leaving US waters with it. All operational rules still apply, but you no longer need the license if you’re in the country.


Just make sure to read up on proper radio etiquette, and learn the difference between “MAYDAY”, “PAN-PAN” AND “SECURITEY”. My speling is atroshush.


secur i TAY
Ya pretty much got it right . My Favorite is the 157’ mega yacht Cherosa, out of old saybrook ct, in the summer, who announces “securiTAY securiTAY securiTAY” then gives their location, heading and speed. Hint hint, get out of their way…

Mah Franch eet eez ow you zay, leemateed.


That is how it is pronounced
even in the US.