are neoprene socks unisex?

I’m just curious, being that one foot is 11.5 and the other is just under 11. if the recommendation stands that I buy a size larger than my half size, then the one sock would swim on my other foot. if they’re unisex, then it wouldn’t be a problem being I could use the two 12’s for the one foot and the 11’s for the other. my feet are 4E in width.

I think of unisex as fitting both
men and women. In that respect they’re unisex. But mine I don’t think fit interchangeably–right goes on right, left goes on left. They’re cut for the specific foot shape. If you’re ordering through the mail, you might call them up first and ask.

Mine are asexual
which is good, because they smell so bad they would have a hard time attracting a mate.

I shouldn’t have used the word unisex…
that’s the wrong word…I meant to convey the idea that they were more like tube socks. I’d like to find out if there are neoprene socks that will fit either foot interchangably. if so, then I could easily find socks that fit my feet I think. of course, that’s on the assumption that for half sizes or really wide feet, you buy the size larger, as the sizing instructions I’ve read so far, state.

thanks for your thoughts tho guys!

btw, how good are NRS products?

They better be
They better be. I have enough trouble sexing kittens. Who knows if I could sex socks.

I’ve had nothing but good service
from NRS. Would like to see more of those “ugly” boxes used, though. Most of mine have been virgin.

I think mine may be bi-sexual
I put them on my hands and they fit pretty good.

some southern states

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have laws against sexing socks.