are there any Canadian based Kayak mags?

I’m just curious. I saw the available magazines, and there’s a whole long list, so I thought I’d just call upon expertise and see if there is one that’s Canadian based? all Kayak info is applicable, but if it’s Canadian minded, it will focus on neends/concerns up here. thanks!


Wavelength magazine is out of BC


Two great ones
You can read back issues of Adventure Kayak online at

and there’s always the old standard, Kanawa Magazine;

thanks guys!
I downloaded all the '06 PDF’s for Wave Lengths, and am gonna review them soonly. our local library has a magazine and I have some of the most recent issues signed out with me now.

are there Canadian Associations that would be good to join/support? Paddle Canada is one, the Leave No Trace is attractive to me as well. I wish to be edjumicated!

Where in BC?
I see you are from the BC Ibnterior? Where exactly are you? I may be able to put you in touch with a good group of paddlers…

Cheers…Joe O’

hey Joe, I live in…
Kamloops. :slight_smile:

Adventure Kayak
This is a very nice little mag. Short but informative technique articles; somewhat longer articles on places to paddle; good gear section as well.

And their taste in photo contributors…
…is impeccable!


What a surprise to see the shot of my patio lanterns featured in their “Best Of” section!

Editor Tim Shuff saw it on my Webshots site when he was searching for pics of Wendy and asked if he could use it. I didn’t believe he actually would.

There’s also a great article on our Wendy in the latest issue.

15% off if you’re an MEC member…
…for Adventure Kayak. my dad is a member, I might have to get one for msyelf and my bro too. $5 for lifetime ain’t to bad, eh? with benefit :smiley:

Camvan, do you live in a cave?
yes it’s the interior i know but stores, mags? just go down to the store and look, all kinds of Cdn stuff. there are plenty of paddlers and resources in your region, is the long way about it. get out in your local paddling community. there is a large and long running kayak symposium in Kelowna just this July and will probably go again next year. contact Kelowna Kayak, they can help you more. we’re just a cyber distraction in here…

what are some good…
…general paddler based magazines? I’m interested in getting my lil bro a couple subscriptions, but I don’t know which one’s to grab. Canoe and Kayak is carried by our library system, so we don’t need that one. my brother is into kayaking, just sent him on a course to learn paddle technique’s and self/friend rescue yesterday (he loved it). gonna send him on one to learn how to roll soon too I think, as well as wilderness first aid. thanks for your help guys! you are pro :wink: not the said ‘cyber distraction’ :stuck_out_tongue: